Love Will Save the World


There are so many things I’ll go to hell for
And one of them might be you
Since you’re an angel up in heaven
That sure would make me blue
But being without you is already hell
So I don’t know what to do
I know that it’s bad but I’ll love you good
And hope that you’ll save me too

Even if heaven would send you away
Hell couldn’t take you in
It was never a fault of yours
That you make me want to sin
I hope being with you rubs off on me
So St Peter can’t tell where I’ve been
And think I belong up in heaven with you
And let this poor sinner in

If I wind up going down there where it’s hot
It cannot be as hot as you
And if I can see you in heaven from there
I’ll feel beyond the blue
If you would just spread your wings for me
I’ll come to heaven too
If love is what will save the whole world
My love will prove that’s true

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