Oh Mary







For the Feast of the Annunciation 2015

Oh Mary, why are you so happy?
Don’t you know this world
Is too wicked for a baby?
Oh Mary, you are so very young,
And the father so old
And you know the wagging tongue.
Oh Mary, you should know better
Growing up in the Temple
Where God dwells forever.
Oh Mary, really, an angel?
You’ve no better story
To prove you are faithful?
Oh Mary, you should be ashamed
You are almost a wife
Only you can be blamed.
Oh Mary, what have you done?
You will be put away
Even if it is a son.

Oh Mary, why have you come here
To bless my old age
And my delivery near.
Oh Mary, I can feel my babe leap
Henceforth in the water
A vigil he will keep.
Oh Mary, mother of my Lord
Our hearts firmly knit
Will be pierced by a sword.

Oh Mary, as the angel did say
You are favored by God,
We still bless you today.
Oh Mary, save us we pray.

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